What We Are

This site was created to be a laid back approach to finding the info you need to make your trip the best it can be, and to discuss the park we love. We strive to make the information you need accessible. Our basic philosophy is, “A bad day at the park, is better than a good day at work”. The site team are people who are here to help you have a fun experience, because one of the things we enjoy at the park is seeing others have fun. This is your vacation, whether it be for a day, or a week, make it the best you can!

Our (continuing) Story

Welcome to Attraction Chasers! We thought we should introduce ourselves by telling our story.

Back in late 2013, four people who shared a love for Busch Gardens​ Williamsburg started a secret Facebook page to discuss BGW, chat about the park, and life in general. Two more enthusiasts were soon added, one left, and the friendships began to form. Soon Cody was challenged (for lack of a better term) to try his hand at running a site for other BGW lovers. After hearing this, Matt offered his rock star web development skills and the wheels started turning. After over two months of hard work writing, coding and picture taking(sounds really hard, huh?), followed by collaborations from the others in the group; Lee, Jason, Ivan, Julia and Aaron, BGCabana.com was launched in May of 2014. In that time we have done point of view videos on every coaster at BGW, made awesome new relationships, found a greater love for the place we enjoy so much, finding new places to love, like Hunt Club Farm​, and helped people with their personal journey’s through the stories we have told. In 2016 we re-branded the site to Attraction Chasers, to help in our expansion to other parks, destinations and even starting our own paranormal investigation team, ACID Paranormal. We hope to see you out and about in various attractions, and keep checking the site, as we have new content all of the time. BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!

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