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Reopening of Busch Gardens

Well it’s been a wild and crazy year. Busch Gardens has finally announced that they are reopening…..kinda. The park, which has been closed since March 14, due to the pandemic, is opening for limited dates and times for their newest event, Coasters and Craft Brews.

Before I get to talking about the event itself, I want to discuss the parks new safety and cleanliness protocols and what to expect when you visit the park.

All guests and team members are required to wear a mask at all times. By now, this shouldn’t be a shock to most people. If you forget your mask, don’t worry. The park will make accommodations for guests to purchase one prior to entering the park.

We will also be going through a temperature check. The thermometer, like most businesses that are monitoring their employees temps, is the simple point-and-shoot type laser thermometer. We will have two chances to get a good reading. Don’t worry, if you test high the first round, you’ll be asked to relax in their cooling station for a few minutes before they take your temperature again. A second high temperature and you will not be permitted to enter the park.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

As far as rides go, expect changes to your whole riding experience. Queues will look differently with the addition of the Social distancing stickers. You’ll basically stand to the ride of the queues. Sounds simply enough. right? I will warn you though, if you’re the type (and I know most of us are) that enjoys your rides from specific seats, Busch Gardens is taking that option away from us and will filter guests into the seating queues as needed.

The park has also been adding plexiglass dividers for cash registers and have also closed off sections of their picnic areas to give guests more personal space.


Now, for Coasters and Craft Brews.

Not much to really touch up on. Once you enter the park there’s only one direction you can go, to the right.

For those guests that enjoy their souvenir popcorn buckets or soda cups, there will be NO using of those containers.

Beers for the event can be purchased inside Grogan’s Pub while Trappers Smokehouse will be open for dining.

There will also be brewery talks featuring some of our favorite local breweries.

All in all, I was impressed with everything we saw today at the park. It looks great and I can’t wait to return.


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