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Ireland - Killarney Village Band - 2014
Ireland - Killarney Village Band - 2014

Giving some love: The Killarney Village Band

Right in the center of Killarney, and sometimes inside Grogan’s Pub, you have the chance to hear the Killarney Village Band.  A trio of talented young musicians who play traditional Irish songs that will make you tap your feet, and some may get up and dance a jig.  I stop and watch this group whenever I can catch them in BGW’s Irish hamlet.

1511745_10201717468368287_796197417595425744_oSinger, Jessie Selleck, greatly enjoys it when the young ones join in the dancing, she is bright, cheerful, energetic and a lot of fun.  Carolyn Bartley, the lass who plays the fiddle, is top notch, always greets you with a knockout smile, and she enjoys the kiddies as well.  The lad who sings and plays guitar, Michael Creech, adds a comedic touch, has just the right rasp to his voice and is an excellent guitar player.

I haven’t met a single person that did not appreciate the talents of these three.  My youngest son (7) loves to get up and dance to the band.  I look forward to them on every trip, be it outside or in the pub (actually, I prefer pub shows).  Next time you are walking through Killarney and you hear a distant calling, you know just what to do, stop and give a listen to the Killarney Village Band!

KVB Setlist

  • Little Beggarman
  • Irish Pub
  • Irish Rover
  • Rocky Road to Dublin
  • On the One Road



Thanks to Todd Ferrante and CR4ZY_1V4N for the pics!