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Food & Wine Festival 2016

Matt and I have no allusions to how lucky we are to get to be involved in awesome mediafwf 2016 32 days at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and our favorite has to be the Food & Wine Festival. We brought our wives along to this event and got the opportunity to taste everything at the festival’s two newest kiosks, Virginia and Hawaii. We were also very fortunate to have front row seats to see the ice carving show in Ireland. I will go through each kiosk and let you know what we thought about what we tasted.


Chef Justin met with us at the Virginia kiosk, located where Pig in Kilts usually sits in Scotland. He explained the menu and some difficulties he had along the way. He started out in November with ten dishes, knowing he would have to significafwf 2016 3ntly narrow it down. He wanted to do grit fritters, but there were issues with them falling apart, thus he decided to scrap that idea and make cheddar bacon hush puppies.  When planning for their ham tasting thefwf 2016 2y had chosen Smithfield Ham and Edwards.  Unfortunately, just before the menu was completed, Edwards Smokehouse burned down, so they went with 3 types of Smithfield ham.  All five dishes were so good.  We had trouble finishing them, but we definitely tried!







The Hawaii kiosk was so well done and everything on the menu was delicious.


Bangors and Colcannon are a must have!

Crepes and Coffee

The Cordon Bleu Crepe is a year round delight!


Coq a Vin will melt in your mouth


You have to try the Mac n Cheese..YOU HAVE TO!

American Southwest

If you like fish tacos, you will love the ones they have prepared here


The Schnitzelwich and Schinkennudel were amazing


The scallops were killer good


Mushi Gyoza has a ponzu sauce so good, I was looking for other things to dip in it!


Souvlaki has a very good tzatziki sauce

French Quarter

There is nothing bad at this booth, and this season they added beignets.


The food art is always so cool, plus they added an ice carving show this season