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colonial williamsburg formation

FREE Tickets for Locals at Colonial Williamsburg – ONE WEEK ONLY

Don’t miss out on this amazing gift! From August 8th through the 14th, Colonial Williamsburg is offering a FREE ticket to residents of the following cities/counties:
Carriage colonial williamsburg
James City County
York County
Gloucester County
Newport News
Isle of Wight
Surry County
Virginia Beach
New Kent

In order to claim your FREE ticket, you must download and fill out this form:

Area Resident Free Ticket

and bring it with you along with proof of residency to the Colonial Williamsburg Regional Visitor Center. You are only allowed one ticket per resident. Proof of residency is required.


Want to shoot a real Revolutionary War style musket?

Ever want to experience shooting a musket like the ones used during the Revolutionary War? Well now you can. Earlier this week Colonial Williamsburg announced starting March 19th you can pay to learn about, get training on and fire live rounds from a replica musket at a secluded Musket Range. This new attraction is part of an initiative to attract new visitors with a unique hands-on historical experiences.

Unfortunately this attraction doesn’t come cheap, cost is $119 per person and you get to fire 6 rounds. Anybody 14 yrs or older can participate, but under 18 must be accompanied by a non-shooting adult. This cost is in addition to a CW Admission.

For more information about this event or to purchase tickets, visit their website here:


Scotland - Loch Ness Monster - Roller Coaster - 2014

Pass Member Preview Day, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

As we learned earlier, Pass Member Preview day will be held on March 19th from 10am to 6pm.  This is good for season pass holders only.

As usual, the park will hold special announcements, plus some details about Project 2017, this time they will be held in the Abbey Stone Theater in Ireland, so seating is limited to 800.

Local favorite Irish Rock/Punk band, The Fighting Jamesons, will have three performances in the Abbey Stone throughout the day and you can get reserved seats at Castle O’Sullivan.

Special preview day offers include:

  • 40% off annual PhotoKey membership
  • Special discounts in all Ireland shops

Also there will be a special lunch picnic buffet in the Black Forest from Noon-1:30, by reservation only.

I know we are excited for the park to officially open, and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Keep it positive, keep it fun, be excellent to each other!

Busch Gardens Donates 4,000lbs of Food to Local Neighborhood

WILLIAMSBURG (January 14, 2016) – More than 4,000 pounds of fresh produce, dairy products and packaged foods are making their way to residential food pantries in James City County’s Grove neighborhood thanks to a partnership between Busch Gardens® and the Grove Christian Outreach Center.

Busch Gardens and the outreach center are testing a pilot program in which the theme park donates its surplus fresh, frozen and packaged food items to the Center. The Center, which helps people living in this small community along Route 60 just south of the theme park, will distribute the food to residents who need assistance putting food on their tables.

BT0113OK01_008H_2048pxThe Grove community is designated by the US Department of Agriculture as a food desert due to low income levels and the lack of access to healthy, affordable foods at a nearby grocery store. Food deserts contribute to food insecurity and are a principle cause of hunger in the United States.

Lindsey Mair, a buyer for Busch Gardens’ culinary department and Grove Outreach Center volunteer, is spearheading this new Busch Gardens initiative.

“Our intent is to put our surplus food to good use and not let it go to waste,” she said of the donated food that will reach its expiration date before the park opens for the 2016 season on March 20.

Mair said food donation opportunities arise throughout the year following large-scale park events or after the park’s menu transition from summer operations to Howl-O-Scream® and then Christmas Town™.

“Our largest donation of the year will likely come after Christmas Town ends and the park closes until spring, as we typically have a surplus of food that would expire within that timeframe,” Mair said.

Pat McCormick, Executive Director of the Grove Outreach Center, said approximately 14,500 food-insecure individuals live in the City of Williamsburg, James City and York counties. Specifically, the overall food insecurity rate in James City County in 2013 was 9.3 percent with an estimated 6,310 food-insecure individuals living in the community.

BT0113OK01_021H_2048px“It is important that residents in Grove have access to good, nutritious foods in their own community,” McCormick said.

Many Grove residents are on a fixed income or disability, or simply do not have sufficient employment income to meet all of their household needs each month. Providing food to them through structured outreach programs helps eliminate their dilemma of having to choose between paying their rent, utilities, medical bills or food, McCormick said, adding that it is critical to nonprofit organizations like the Outreach Center to have the support of individuals and businesses in the community to help meet the growing requests for food assistance.

“The food Busch Gardens is donating will enhance our ability to meet our goal of reducing hunger and food insecurity in the Grove community and to meet the food needs of the families we serve each month. We are pleased that Busch Gardens will be a community partner in helping in the fight against hunger in our community,” McCormick said.


Anheuser-Busch Halts Production to Produce Water for Flood Victims


Beer giant Anheuser-Busch stopped production at its Georgia brewery this week to instead produce drinking water for those affected by a deadly bout of historic flooding and storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

Anheuser-Busch said it had stopped beer production at its Cartersville brewery in Georgia late Wednesday night to produce 50,000 cans of water for the American Red Cross.

“Right now our production line is running emergency drinking water instead of beer,” Cartersville brewery manager Rob Haas told NBC News.

Related: ‘Heartbreaking’: More Rain on the Way as Search for Texas Flood Victims Goes On

The Cartersville brewery produces cans of emergency relief water a few times a year, Haas said, partnering with the American Red Cross to provide to places in need within the United States.

“It’s something we’re uniquely positioned to do in a very timely period,” he said.

About 2,000 cases, each carrying 24 cans, are en route to communities in Texas and Oklahoma, he added. The water is expected to reach those areas within the next few days.

Red Cross spokesman Jordan Scott said the organization had been working with Anheuser-Busch, one of their disaster relief partners, to iron out the logistics of the water shipments and what areas they were needed the most.

“Oklahoma and Texas are in an unprecedented situation,” Scott said. “There are a lot of folks in need and everyone’s coming forward to help out.”

Scott said the additional drinking water would be “critical” to relief efforts in the area.

Heavy storms and floods in Texas and Oklahoma this week have left at least 25 people dead, more than a dozen missing, and thousands of homes damaged. The rainfall was enough to fully reverse a drought afflicting the area for the last five years, according to meteorologists.

Anheuser-Busch has 12 breweries in the United States and is the maker of several major brands including Budweiser, Michelob ULTRA, Beck’s, Kirin and O’Doul’s.



Guests Can Save Big on Food & Wine Festival Experience

WILLIAMSBURG (May 7, 2015) – In just a few short weeks, exotic tastes will flavor the menu at Busch Gardens as the third annual Food & Wine Festival begins. Each year, this event grows bigger and tastier to give guests unique sampling opportunities from across the globe. This year, the park’s festival flavors are expanding to include kiosks celebrating the cuisine of Asia and the French Quarter. To give guests even more opportunities to savor this event, Busch Gardens is introducing the Food & Wine Festival Value Ticket.

With this special ticket, guests can get admission to the park on select days for $30, 60 percent off a regular single-day ticket price. This online-only offer is available via www.buschgardens.com/foodandwine May 7- 11. Tickets must be used after 2 p.m. on any one of these select days:

May 22, 25, 29, 31

June 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28.

There is a limit of six discounted tickets per transaction. Quantities are limited and sales times are subject to change.

The Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival begins May 22 and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through June 28. Food and beverage samples are available for purchase at an additional fee. For complete details and operating schedule, visit www.buschgardens.com/foodandwine.

Past Tempesto Construction Updates

Throughout the construction, we gave several updates as Tempesto was being built. I didn’t want to delete them from the site, so here are those updates to be forever remembered:


The new ride for 2015 will be called Tempesto and will reside right next to Apollo’s Chariot.


Construction of the actual track begins on Monday 11/17/2014. As far as we know, construction will happen Monday – Friday and will continue through Christmas Town. We do not know the projected completion date. We’re pretty sure that because of such a small coaster, that it will be ready for opening day in 2015.

With that, we’ll leave you with a few pictures and video. We’ll bring you more updates as we get them!


Construction Update 11/21/2014

Much has been done in the first week of construction. Some of the supports and a little of the track have already be put in! While watching them work, we figured out that the track is being moved into place by lifting pieces overtop of Apollo’s Chariot. They must be using that service road near the parking entrance to bring the track down. Here’s a small video of the site:

Construction update 2/11/15

The track is finished and the crews will be working through the winter in order to finish the queue and repair buildings.  We speculate that warmer weather will be needed to test the ride, but everything else seems to be on track!


This new coaster is rumored to be a clone of Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom….Here’s a POV video of that ride :

Update 3/21/15

We here at BG Cabana had the honor to be involved in the hard had tour of Tempesto, and we now have a lot to tell you! Here are the specs and important information on Tempesto.

RIDE MANUFACTURER:                                 Premier Rides, headquartered in Baltimore, MD

TYPE OF RIDE:                                                      Launch Coaster

SPECIAL FEATURES:                                         Three launch elements

High-speed station experience

154-foot, high-speed inversion

TRACK LENGTH:                                                 883 feet of track

Train travels approximately 1,945 total feet

MAXIMUM SPEED:                                            64 mph

RIDE DURATION:                                              55 seconds

SEATS/TRAIN:                                                     1 train, 18 seats

RIDE HEIGHT REQUIREMENT:                54 inches

LOCATION:                                                           Busch Gardens Festa Italia

RIDE OPEN DATE:                                            April 25, 2015

There you go!  Here are some pictures we took and there will be more to come!

Here are videos of the Hard Hat Tour:


Colonial Williamsburg Website Hacked by ISIS?!

Colonial Williamsburg confirmed that it’s website, history.org, was hacked last weekend by a group claiming to be ISIS.

ISIS-hack-message-to-colonial-williamsburgOn Sunday, hackers exploited a security flaw in third party software that allowed them access to the site and post content. The image to the right was posted on several pages. It’s not known whether the group is truly linked to ISIS, but the FBI is looking into the matter.

This maybe a coincidence, but the attack comes just a week after Colonial Williamsburg hosted a team of Iraqi Archaeologists and museum experts and offered to provide safe-keeping for at-risk artifacts. ISIS has been terrorizing the Middle East and destroying ancient sites and artifacts across the region.

Colonial Williamsburg President and CEO Mitchell B. Reiss, a former senior U.S. diplomat, released this statement on Tuesday:

As we have so many times in our past, we must resist and overcome these threats to our common humanity. The Iraqi people once suffered at the hands of despots. They continue to suffer at the hands of terrorists. If we can join with them in an effort to protect these antiquities, we can protect Iraq and the world’s collective DNA until these clouds of divisiveness and chaos pass.

Iraqi archaeological and historical organizations and the Iraq State Board of Antiquities and Heritage and other are currently reviewing Colonial Williamsburg’s offer, but no agreements have been made as of yet.