Verbolten is a multi-sensory, indoor/outdoor multi-launch coaster.  You start through the queue line that takes you into a travel agency located just outside the mythical Black Forest, where Gerta warns you against entering the haunted woods.  You also continue through the office where her brother, Gunter, obsesses over the paranormal activity associated with the Black Forest.  You hop in your car inspired train, and a bolt of lightning diverts your vehicle into the dreaded forest.  Once inside you can experience one of three themes: wolves, spirits or a lightning storm.  Upon exiting the forest, you travel up to a covered bridge before dropping 88 ft towards the Rhine River below.



Highest Point: 88 feet
Speed: 53 mph
Length (Time): 3:25
Opened: 5/18/12
Built By: Zierer
Elements: Track Drop, Two Launches
Height Requirement: 48″


Insider Tips

  • Verbolten has a lap bar system that most have no problem in fitting. There are no larger seats on this ride. The test seat at ride entrance is the normal size.