Curse of DarKastle

Following a tale about the mad king of Bavaria, Ludwig II, DarKastle is meant to be Neuschwanstein Castle, the palace built by Ludwig with secret passages and was a reflection of his eccentricity.  Do not take this story as an account of Ludwig’s life, but as a fairy tale meant to entertain.  The tale is begun in a preshow that tells of Ludwig’s ascension to the throne, and his poor spending.  You continue on to the loading area, you grab a pair of 3D glasses, and board a golden sleigh.  You are taken through an adventure through the castle, led by the ghost of Ludwig’s mother, attempting to keep the king at bay.  This 3D dark ride is thrilling and gives you sensations of falling and flying without actual drops on the track.  “You have such hunger for my secrets?  Come, you shall be fed”

Click here for the story of King Ludwig II whose story was used as a base in developing this ride.



Height requirement: 42″

Insider Tips

  • This ride has a normal lap bar restraint and most guests fit with no problem.