Oktoberfest (Germany)

According to the late, great voice of the Festhaus, Robert Bauman (The Burgermeister), “Celebrating Oktoberfest was started almost 200 years ago when crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married his beautiful bride, Princess Teresa.  Everyone had such a good time at the wedding that, the following year, they celebrated for two days, and then the next year for three days, and so on until the day the world famous Oktoberfest was held in Munich Germany for two weeks.”  Today you can celebrate Oktoberfest year round at Busch Gardens.  Rides like Curse of DarKastle, Verbolten, Mach Tower, Der Wirbelwind, Wirbelwindchen, Der Autobahn, Der Autobahn Jr., and Der Roto Baron, Oktoberfest has something for everyone.  There is also the games area, where you can test your luck, and an arcade, plus Das Festhaus, for food and a new show called Oktoberzest! for 2017.  Beste Brezelen Und Bier has your pretzels wants!  Wilkommen!

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