There is a Viking invasion coming to Busch Gardens in 2017. InvadR, the new roller coaster, currently being built, is slated for a April opening.

InvadR is a family coaster, with a height requirement of just 46″. So this really will help fill the gap between Grover’s Alpine Express(42″ HR) and the LMN(48″ HR). It has a 74′ drop through 2 tunnels, one is underground, and 9 “bunny hills” which will give you that weightlessness feeling most people enjoy on roller coasters.

This coaster and it’s theme will fit perfectly into the Trapper’s log cabins and wilderness feel. It’s story concept is that the people of “Trapper’s Village” and huddled into their fort trying to ward off an invasion by Viking “InvadR’s”. They must defend themselves against the Vikings or they will perish. It seems as though the colors of the trains will denote the Vikings(teal) and the villagers(tan).



Length: 2100 ft
Height: 74 ft
Speed: 48 mph
Elements: 1 drops, 9 Airtime Hills
Height Requirements: 46″