The Ireland section of BGW is known as Killarney, where the wisteria grows wild and the Celtic music fills the air.  Here you will find 3 shops, Kids ShamROCK, The Magic Shop and Emerald Isle.  Let the kids jump inside the talking tree to hear a story, grab some food at Grogan’s Grille and Abbey Stone refreshments, and have a pint with friend’s in Grogan’s Pub.  Head into the Abbey Stone Theater to catch Celtic Fyre, an Irish dance and music spectacular.  For the kids, there is Dine with Elmo and Friends in Castle O’Sullivan for an extra charge.  Be sure to check out the Killarney Village Band, either out in the main square or doing a show in Grogan’s Pub.  Take a high flying adventure ride with Europe in the Air, a trip over landmark destinations throughout Europe.  For more about the history of this hamlet and the original Killarney go to Beyond the Hamlet: Killarney.

Insider Tips

  • There are bathrooms next to Pot O’ Gold and behind the snack stand
  • There is a smoking area behind Emerald Isle Gift Shop.