“The Ghost of the Alps” is BGW’s only inverted coaster.  It is meant to resemble a ski lift, being chased by a yeti type spirit through twists turns and inversions.  For more on the mythos behind the ride, check out Beyond the Ride: Alpengeist.



Length (track): 3,828 ft
Length (time): 3:10
Top Speed: 67 mph
Inversions: 6
Highest point: 195 ft
Height requirement: 54″
Opened: 3/22/97
Capacity: 1,820 riders per hour

Ride Elements: Zero G Roll, Cobra roll, 106′ loop, immelman, corkscrew.


Insider Tips

  • This ride has over the shoulder (OTSR) restraints, only 2 seats, one on row 4 and one on row 5, have a double belt system fitting guests that have a chest larger than 52″.  The test seat at ride entrance is a bigger seat.