Griffon takes you up to 205 ft before hanging you over it’s 90 degree drop followed by an immelman loop, just to do it all over again!  Soar through France on the back of the mighty Griffon.  It is the most watched(by those trembling in fear on the ground) coaster at BGW!  To learn more about the mythical beast, check out Beyond the Ride: Griffon.



Opened: 5/18/07
Built By: B&M
Track Length: 3,108
Inversions: 2
Speed: 71
Duration: 3:00
Elements: 205ft Lift Hill, Immelman, Splashdown
Height Requirements: Above 52″


Insider Tips

  • This ride has over the shoulder (OTSR) restraints. Only 4 seats, one on row 1, two on row 2 and one on row 3, have a double belt system fitting guests that have a chest larger than 52″.  The test seat at ride entrance is the larger seat.