Tempesto, one of Italy’s greatest daredevils came, saw and conquered his greatest stunt, the loop-the-loop. Fortunately for us, he left it here for all others to enjoy. This death defying coaster will get your adrenaline flowing with it’s 3 launches, circular drops and the terrifying slow barrel roll. Tempesto, Busch Gardens Williamsburg new coaster opened April 25th, 2015. While the footprint is small, it packs a thrilling ride that is not comparable to any other coasting the in the park.

Are you a Daredevil? Are you brave enough to attempt Tempesto’s greatest stunt?



Length: 883 ft
Height: 154 ft
Speed: 64 mph
Duration: 55 Seconds
Elements: 3 drops, 1 Upsidedown Barrel Roll
Capacity: 600 riders per hour
Height Requirements: 54″