Busch Gardens Railway

The BG Railway takes you on a 2 mile, 20 minute round trip of the park with stops in Festa Italia(Festa Station), Scotland(Tweedside Station) and New France(Caribou Station).  Enjoy your ride through wooded areas, past the stables and across 2 different bridges.  There are 3 trains, blue, green and red.  The trains run on propane and are refueled at Caribou Station every 2 complete trips.  Caribou Station is the furthest point from the entrance of the park, and it is also where the trains are stored when not in use.

Insider Tips

  • You may bring strollers on board, but they must be stowed in the area on the back of each car.
  • Food and drinks are permitted, with the exception of alcohol.
  • On hot days, sit in the front, the ice that makes the “steam” will help cool you.
  • Between Festa Station and Caribou Station, be on the lookout for wildlife, like deer.
  • The green train has a caboose that has a wheel chair lift on it.