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Oktoberfest - Mach Tower - Flat Ride - 2014
Oktoberfest - Mach Tower - Flat Ride - 2014

Beyond the Ride: Mach Tower

Mach Tower

You find yourself taking in the view of southeastern Virginia from 246 feet in the air, when out of nowhere you fall straight down at 50 mph.

800px-Viki-Markt.Maibaum The ever ominous Mach Tower, which stands tall in the heart of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, is the parks maypole themed drop tower.

In Bavaria, the maypole dates back to the 16th century.  It was a log, usually painted in the blue and white, Bavarian colors, decorated with symbols of the various trades of the region.  A Tanz in den Mai, or May dance, might follow the ceremony of placing the maypole, if it is in that area traditions.  In some places, the maypole is taken down at the end of the month and stored, in other areas, they keep it up year round.

New_York_RenFaire_2004_maypoleIn other areas of the world, there is a maypole dance, in which ribbons are tied to the top of the maypole and dancers circle around it in various ways to cause a pattern with the ribbons wrapped around the pole.  The maypole ceremony is still enjoyed in almost every country of the world.

BGW’s “maypole” can be seen all year round, standing proud in the middle of the park, awaiting to give riders a spectacular view and a thrilling plummet!