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Beyond the Ride: Alpengeist


Since 1997, this coaster has loomed over Rhinefeld, with it’s twists, turns, inversions and very loud lift hill.  This inverted coaster is meant to resemble a ski lift, taking you high into the mountains, only to be chased by the Ghost of The Alps.  You take a turning dive and continue through 6 inversions at speeds of 67 miles per hour for over 3 minutes until you are returned to safety.  Alpengeist is a rite of passage for many young park goers.


The creature depicted in the rides logo is much like that of an abominable snowman or a yeti.  Creatures and demons in this area are often referred to as Krampus or Perchten, who serve as helpers to Saint Nicholaus. They threaten to punish or even kidnap naughty children when he visits on the evening of Dec. 5, ahead of the Feast of St. Nicholas the following day.

Many of these stories refer to people who dress as these creatures to drive winter away.  In these regions, warmer weather for crops is harder to come by, so the more warmer weather you recieve, the better your harvest will be to last through the winter.


Scary creatures are often used in naming a coaster to add a back story and help the adrenaline boost that comes with the anticipation of the ride.  Alpengeist fulfills all of this by creating an experience from the queue line, reminiscent of a ski lift building at a lodge, to the snow covered banks and little details like skis stuck in walls, or tracks from skiers on the roof of the tunnel after the brake run.  It can be a bumpy ride, but it is still a favorite for so many who love BGW.