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Ireland - 2014
Ireland - 2014

Beyond the Hamlet: Killarney (Ireland)


If you make a right at the crossroads between Scotland and England, cross the bridge and you find yourself in the hamlet of Killarney.

1280px-Killarney_Cathedral_by_ParideThe original hamlet that resided here was part of England called Hastings.  Hastings was much like the tournament grounds of old, with musicians and games.  Hastings was an original hamlet when the park opened in 1975, and became Killarney, the parks sixth country representation, in 2001.

 The REAL Killarney

The hamlet of Killarney is named for a very real town in southwest Irleand in County Kerry.  A popular tourist destination due to it’s rich history and landmarks.

St. Mary’s Cathedral is considered to be one of Ireland’s most important and best Gothic Revival churches of the nineteenth century.

RossCastleRoss Castle is the ancestral home of the O’Donoghue clan.  It was built in the 15th century and saw battles in the Irish Confederate Wars.  It was later lived in by the Brownes, who were exiled for their adherence to James II of England.  It is said that O’Donoghue jump from the window in the grand chamber atop the building, and disappearing into the lake below.  There is a belief that O’Donoghue lives in a palace beneath the waters, keeping an eye on his home.

One notable celebrity from Killarney is Michael Fassbender, and actor known for his roles in 300, Inglorious Basterds, Prometheus, and as Magneto in X-Men: First Class and Days of Future past.

 Back to Busch

Killarney is home to specialty shops, Annie’s for coffee, Grogan’s Pub for beer and conversation,

Celtic Fyre, Castle O’Sullivan and Europe in the Air.


During Howl-O-Scream, Killarney becomes a haven for Dr. Freakensteins evil experiments, with shows like Fiends and Igor’s Fright Feast.  The haunted attraction 13: Your Numbers Up takes place inside Europe in the Air and we can never forget the lovely ladies at the Innoculation Station.


During ChristmasTown, the hamlet returns to the quaint village of Killarney, complete with Douglas O’firs, a Christmas tree stand.