Crawford Road

Crawford Road
Yorktown, VA

Crawford Road is a 3.5 mile stretch, running through Surrender Field in Yorktown, VA. There are no street lights and nighttime activity on the road is sketchy at best. Teenagers looking to deface the overpass bridge with graffiti, drag racers, and all forms of criminal mischief goes on when the sun goes down. York-Poquoson Sheriffs and National Park Rangers patrol the area, but it seems the accounts of violence and crime continue. Could it be the conditions of the area, being dark and secluded are the reasons for these goings on, or is it something else that draws people of that nature to Crawford?

Urban Legends

We call them Urban Legends because there is seemingly no facts to back them up. Many places across the country have the same stories as Crawford; A bride hangs herself from the bridge after the wedding she never wanted and drowning her child that was born out of wedlock, hand prints on your parked car, car will not restart, etc. Many believe the KKK used to hang people from the bridge. We are not discounting these rumors, only that we found no evidence to back them up.

True Crimes

In January of 1990 Jimmy Johnson met a gentleman in hopes of selling his Mercedes. The man asked him to meet him the next day to see if his wife would like the car. When Jimmy left the next day it would be the last time he was seen alive. On February 6th, a week after his disappearance, he was found shot on Crawford Road, handcuffed and legs taped together. The man, Juannito Edwards, was later convicted of Jimmy’s murder, along with the shooting of another woman, Tanya Lane, who had testified in a murder case against Edwards’ brother. She was found a half mile from where Jimmy’s body was discovered.

Airman Eric Nesbitt went to a 7-11 in Hampton, VA around midnight August 16th, 1996. After exiting the store two men, Daryl Atkins and William Jones, kidnapped Nesbitt in his Nissan pickup, stole the $60 from his wallet, forced him at gunpoint to withdraw another $200 from an ATM, took him out to Crawford Road and shot him 8 times.

In 2007, Newport News resident Jonathon Barron, was run over, stabbed repeatedly, beat, injected with silver thermal bromide and set on fire by friends and neighbors who believed he had raped a woman. He was found the next morning by recreational bikers, taken to the hospital and lived.

Our Investigation

We arrived at Tower Lane, off of Crawford Road, around 7pm. The Tower/Crawford intersection is the sight of Eric Nesbitt’s murder and memorial. We gathered our equipment; a Canon Vixia HF R500 camcorder, a Bell + Howell DNV16HDZ night vision camcorder, a Kindle Fire with a white noise app, 2 cell phones with digital voice recorders, a separate digital voice recorder and a Nikon d7200 professional still camera. We then set off for the bridge overpass, 2 miles from where we parked. As we were setting up our equipment, a group of young men parked on the bridge. After Amanda gave them a good scare, they looked over and saw what we were doing. “Ghost Hunting” is a common occurrence here, so they really were not surprised to see us. They told us many of the same stories we had heard, and were not confrontational in the least. A couple more of their friends showed up and were loud and rowdy. Eventually they all left and we began our investigation.

Cody took some daylight video around the bridge (b-roll in film terms) while we decided on a course of action. A prayer was said, and we separated in to two groups, Cody, James and Andi and Hank, Pam and Amanda. Cody set up the night vision camera towards the bridge and began conducting an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session, attempting to contact any spirits roaming around. Andi was taking still shots while James played look out, due to the high crime in the area. Pam, Amanda and Hank walked to Baptist Run, a creek that crosses under Crawford, hoping the running water would work as a conductor for spirit energy.

Andi, Cody and James were approached by a park ranger on the bridge, to whom we explained what we were doing, and he warned us of the activity in the area by the living. We thanked him and he allowed us to continue what we were doing.

After regrouping, we decided to walk back to the Eric Nesbitt memorial. On our way we recorded audio and Andi took pictures. Andi, Cody and Hank (group 1) were together while James, Amanda and Pam (group 2) went ahead. Group 2 had a smooth walk, while group 1 consistently heard a car following and sometimes revving it’s engine, when no car was present.

Upon arrival at the memorial we split in to groups of 2 to conduct EVP sessions at the site. Cody and Amanda went first:

Cody: At one point I felt like someone put their entire body against my back, arms and all, and I just froze. I then began crying, I just felt a great sadness.

James and Pam followed. They both felt cold spots and some heaviness, as well as a flickering flashlight.

Andi and Hank were having problems with the flash on the camera.

After our sessions, we wrapped up and headed home. We have all analyzed the evidence, bringing in Attraction Chasers co-founder Matt and Cody and Amanda’s oldest son, Talyn. The results of our analysis can be found in the video below.


These pictures are of some orbs we caught.  We are in no way saying they are spirits, just paranormal or unexplained.  What do you think?

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