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Beyond the Coaster: Tempesto

Tempesto, Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s newest coaster, will open to the public on April 25th, 2015, to much fanfare that has already begun. ┬áTempesto is a fictional bicycle stuntman who left one of his stunts at the park. The tale of Tempesto follows that of the legendary turn of the century Italian stuntman, E. Mephisto, also …

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Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

It’s hard to believe it’s finally December and the park is two weeks into their Christmas Celebration. I love Christmas and I love Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, but beware folks….THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS TOWN!! At least it’s not the Christmas Town we have grown to love over the years. For those that have not …

Halloween Harvest added dates

By Donika | October 15, 2020

Busch Gardens Halloween Harvest

By Donika | October 15, 2020

Reopening of Busch Gardens

By Donika | August 4, 2020

Pantheon at Busch Gardens

By Donika | February 4, 2020